(Shhhh) secret gifts .....

While no one has ever accused me of understanding football, I am known to be loyal to Gwinnett County where “everyone is someone or at least privy to nationally renowned high school football.”
The future is still the future but Grayson HS and Brookwood High School are holding in strong for a chance at the state title.  Grayson Ram, standout defensive player Robert Nkemdiche (only a sophomore) is shown in this image contributing on the offense by scoring.  He is a star defensive lineman for Grayson.  Photographer David Schroder is on the sidelines at many football games but found the North Gwinnett HS-Grayson game to be "one of the most electrifying games" he has photographed. 
Meanwhile down the street, Brookwood High School’s Nick Moore (Dad is one of the BHS Football Coaches) managed at a crucial point to intercept a pass near the other team’s goal and help secure the Bronco’s spot in state playoffs.

Grayson High School has always had a strong tie to the GHS alumni who held together a School identity during the 40 plus years between closing the school and reopening in 2000.  Once the school was reopened, a group of alumni were there to support the reopening and building in every way possible.  It was fitting that this 2011 season before a Friday night Home game, Principal David Hopson and Athletic Director, Brent Tisdale organized the First Annual dinner to honor the original alumni as well as the new crop of alumni some of who are nearing 30. Shown seated are alumni, Roy Couch and Jack Britt.  Standing is Principal David Hopson, and Rivals owner and provider of all the good food , Chuck Sasser.
Every media outlet has its Superstars and ours seems to be Nathan Dobbs who has now been in my column a record three times.  It is fitting that he is here as Grayson High School Best All Around along with another of our favorite people Hannah McTier.  When photographers Meredith Chastain and Meghan Schroder were doing the photography session, Nathan said, in a George Clooney sort of way, “Is this going to be in your column again?”
North Gwinnett High School selected Seniors Kelsey Wildman and CJ Uzomah as Superlative candidates “Most Likely to be Famous”.  Kelsey, who has danced since 4th grade, plans to “live the dream” in New York next year”.  She is trying out to be a Rockette and hopes to audition for Broadway shows on her off time.  She has danced since 4th grade, is involved in theater, and can sing. 
CJ Uzomah has lived in Gwinnett his whole life and was outstanding this season as NGHS quarterback. Claiming his parents as his inspiration, CJ plans to play football at Auburn next year .
 Jessica Falletta, is appreciated by Buford Volleyball Coach Hadli Daniels, as a rarity—an intense player with a good sense of humor.  Coach Daniels was heartened by seeing Jessica speaking  so respectfully to the referee.
There is about 5 late fall days a year, when the Georgia leaves are bright red.  Happily, Meghan and Taryn were photographing the three Drewes siblings at that brief time.  Oldest daughter Danielle Drewes Zach, mother of her own two young girls, is shown between brother Brad , a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and younger sister Kim Drewes a 2008 graduate of Grayson High School, who now attends Gwinnett Tech in their Marketing Management Program. 
Someone who painlessly made the transition from Panther to Tiger is Susie Kiefaber.  Once Dr. Buck Buchanan’s Administrative Assistant at Parkview High School, Susie has now followed Dr. “Buck” to Archer High School in Lawrenceville.  Susie and husband Don have lived in Gwinnett for 29 years and raised their family here. Show are grandchildren Caroline Doyle almost 4, and Thomas Doyle., 9 months. This picture was done “on the sly” as a Top Secret Christmas gift for daughter Abby and her husband Brian.  Here at Magic Moment, we’re all about Secret Gifts.

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