Taking it to the Floor

The animal lover in me is thrilled that the newest batch of schools have chosen animal mascots (though the Black Knights of Central Gwinnett High School do have their own impressive castle). The latest entry is the Longhorns of Lanier High School. Doing a photo shoot for the opening brochure for the school, I was moved by the fondness of the Inaugural Administrative Team. Longhorns in various artistic renderings were seen throughout the school. This particular large orange longhorn head cutout is surrounded by (Standing) Assistant Principal Joe Cobb, Athletic Director , Head Football Coach and Athletic Bill Wells, and Head Principal Kerensa Wing. Crouching in a very painful stance is Assistant Principal Dr. Reuben Gresham with and seated is Assistant Principal Julia Osborne. My sources tell me that the Mountain View and Archer High Schools—two schools who opened one year ago—continue to stockpile Bear and Tiger Mascots.

Magic Moment Photographers have always welcomed the well behaved pet at a photo shoot, Erin Glaccom, a Mill Creek Senior, has many interests: she is a softball player and a lifeguard who loves the beach. However, she is also a dedicated animal lover and has two rescued pets, Brewster—lab/shepherd mix —and Mischief who was picked in a near-fatal condition off the roadside. Photographer Taryn Barnett was able to convince Erin and both dogs to pose in our classic “Cheerleader” stance.
The Dacula High School Track Team has two sets of Senior competitive twins. The first is Ashley and Lauren Mattison. They say Lauren is faster but Ashley is funnier. They compete in the 100, 200 and 4x1. There is also Kristal and Karina Nevarez. They fight over who is faster. They both run the 400 and 4x4.
In a large, talented county, certain persons keep reemerging in our photos, Central Gwinnett High School Graduate Taylor Munck is one such person. Working this summer as a Swim Team Coach for Saratoga Swim Team, he is shown with his brother and CGHS student, sister Alyssa. Typically humble Taylor is sporting “Swimmies” in our picture although he has been known to go it alone.
Another Beach moment is provided courtesy of the Grayson DeLong family. I first met Amanda when she was a new Spanish teacher at Grayson High School. Soon after, she met veteran Teacher Brian DeLong and they are now married with twins Rachel and Hannah and toddler Ruthie. Amanda is not teaching, but when not chasing after three very young and entertaining girls, she has joined the part time staff of Magic Moment.
As a surprise for Kerry Nellist’s birthday, her
husband, Marc, arranged for her children to do a portrait with us and so we met at one of the loveliest locations we know—Vines Botannical Gardens in
Loganville. The Nellist family moved from northern Philladelphia to Grayson in 1991 and have been regular photograph subjects of ours for many years. The two older Nellist children were noted athletes at Grayson High School. Marc, 21, is now attends the University of West Georgia. And aspires to be a teacher and coach. Melissa, 20, a former Grayson high school cheerleader is now a Gainesville State nursing student. Kristina, 10, attends St. John Neumann and she is headed for a career in fashion design.
We have all teared up over the “Butterfly Kisses” Father-Daughter Dance done at many recent weddings. However when Michael Kohler took to the floor at daughter Ashley’s wedding, the tears were flowing—tears of hysterical laughter. A sedate waltz quickly dissolved into a medley of dances spanning 50 years from the twist to the Macarena to Thriller and yes, this picture captured them doing the Robot. Mother of the Bride Tempa and Groom Brent Buice were unaware in advance of the planned display. Magic Moment enjoys getting to spend the summer witnessing all the hysterical, poignant moments between our beloved families and our schools, who we consider our surrogate families.

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