Don't cry uncle

It was always about “Uncles Camp” for the Thurmon Family whose members stretch from Chicago, Illinois to Jessop, Georgia but now center around Mike and Diana Thurmon of Gwinnett County.  For many years now, Mike has organized a group of male relatives:  grandfathers, fathers, sons, nephews who spend a few days in the wilderness camping, hiking.  Diana Thurmon decided 2009 would be the year TO BEGIN  her own Camp” so armed with granddaughters Simone and Ruby Manzari of Philadelphia, granddaughter Maggie Thurmon of Snellville and niece Megan Guthrie of Portland, Oregon, Diana inaugurated “Grandma Camp” where the attendees pledge to “have fun, and make stuff but no bleeding and no crying”.  As they recited their pledge to me, Maggie added “and we will learn to fly.” 
As we work daily on completing Senior portraits for the Class of 2010, students with hobbies brighten our days.  We did not expect Patrick Diaz to arrive at Mill Creek High School armed with boxes of really great shoes.  Photographer Lindsey Edwards  is our staff member who created the ideal 2010 shoe pose and No, Mr. Diaz does NOT work at a shoe store.
Seth Engleman is also a Senior at Mill Creek and not only plays Bass Guitar, Ukulele, and the Euphonium/Baritone but also swims for Coach Rick Creed on the MCHS Swim Team, and plays on the Varsity Lacrosse Club team as the starting goalie, and held position of Captain and Speaking Captain for the lacrosse team.

Football in 90 degree heat only makes sense to people living in Georgia. Magic Moment Photography’s traditional Grayson Ram pose involves photographing a small group of outstanding rising Seniors football players on the condition they are ready to be photographed straight after  practice.  Surrounding the remarkable Ean Pemberton are fellow athletes Patrick Santry, Joseph Champaign, Terry Williams and Kori Gaines.
Coach Tim Hardy at Mountain View High School is busy building the new Bears football program.  Chaz Grant, a Receiver, is one of the many Bear players ready to build another Gwinnett dynasty.
Saratoga Swim Club thrives year after year because in the many years we have photographed them, we see a large number of dedicated brothers and sisters.  This year Michelle Mallory, now 22 and studying Political Science, was back Coaching in the her distinctive style which  her Mom refers to as “The Drill Sargeant” .  Fourteen year old sister JoAnn is close to Michaelle and takes it in stride.  Excited to be part of the team is 6 year old Cousin Paige Huges.
Of course while most people dread summer’s end, Brittany Nutt and fiancee Ryan Johnson await their fall wedding.  The Nutt family has an  impeccable Dacula pedigree.  Father Donnie Nutt, graduated back in the day from Dacula High school and is now the Dacula  High School Principal where son Casey is a Senior and dedicated baseball athlete. Wife Darenda works for the Principal of Dacula Middle School and Brittany, the bride to be ,will be teaching second grade at Dacula Elementary School.  Ryan, from Ball Ground, Georgia, is a musician with the Ryan Casper Band and the couple met when he was playing drums at “37 Main Street” in Buford.  We know that Brittany and Ryan’s marriage begins another chapter of achievements for both their families.

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