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Very Classy

A community business fills staff with the talent in one’s community.  Therefore, in Summer 2011 during our busy summer season, Magic Moment Photography has turned to that hotbed of raw talent: Grayson High School to fill our few open summer slots. 2010 graduate Jarrett Morgan is one of those rare individuals who “can’t leave the house without a tool belt”.  Focused on a plan to work in the motion picture industry, Jarrett finished a year at Georgia Tech and is now transferring to Georgia State University.  Best friends Shelby Oaks, GHS 2011, and Casey Arnold GHS 2012, both have medical training in their future plans.  Casey has impeccable credentials since older sister Brittney Arnold, has worked summers with us for years, older brother Zach was a gifted GHS athlete “back in the day” and Mom Stacy is a GHS staffer.  Sayler Hasty, a UGA rising Senior who hopes to do missionary work in China, comes from a well known Grayson Athletic Association softball family.
Our first ever employee who is also a yearbook editor is Nichole Gouge who is beginning her second year as Grayson High School yearbook editor in chief.  Nichole brags about her grammatical skills and we are continually seeking proof of this.  The final GHS hire is actually a veteran, Kaley Mitchell.  Kaley as well as Photographer Mom Jan and sister Kristen has worked with us for several years and stands out for her wit, stamina and hit or miss medical advice.
Our traditional GHS football picture always involves 5 Seniors who are chosen because they are talented players and because they will make our picture look good.  This year’s group is comprised of Quarterback Nick Schuessler (seated), Running Back Terrius Watson, Safety/Fullback Devin Gillepsie, Center Fred Zerblis and Wide Receiver Korey Jones.
We were touched by the friendship of two opposite types at Mill Creek High School. Ethan Norby is a MCHS Senior and a Soccer athlete while best friend Sanders Poe plays on the MCHS football team.  Sanders recounted Ethan’s sport highlight of hitting the Coach in the head with a soccer ball while Ethan remembers Sanders running onto the field without a helmet.
Harrison Torbin is the son of our Loganville Christian Academy yearbook advisor Cheryl Ingle.  He is shownwearing his state championship baseball ring and showcasing his hat which has a rose embroidered on it in honor of Coach Don Gealy who passed away last year.
During Senior pictures, we are occasionally amazed by the Mother-Daughter combinations in which case, we can barely tell them apart.  When Mom Robyn Pearson and daughter Jordan Stockman walked in for Jordan’s Senior sitting at Dacula High School, this was a the textbook case.   While daughter Jordan will be a 2012 Dacula graduate, Jordan’s Mom and both Grandparents attended Central Gwinnett High School.   Robyn, who appears to be a natural beauty, happens to work at Jolie Amis Salon and Spa
On the rare occasions where we make it to a beach during the summer, we do what any photography family would do—dress the grandchildren up in white outfits and bring out our cameras.  Left to right is Skylar age 2, Blake, 5, Hayden, 4, Taylor 1 1/2 and the obligatory non compliant toddler Kylee Grace.  We are leaving room for yet unborn baby Teegan who should make her appearance in mid August.  Smiling for the camera is optional, getting covered with sand mandatory,
Brookwood High School’s state title winning football Coach, Mark Crews had daughters/staff members Meghan Schroder and Taryn Barnett photograph the summer wedding day of daughter Jessica to Groom Tito Cintron.  The bride is shown with both parents, Mark and Barbara.  Meghan and Taryn raved about the relaxed and fun couple and entire Crews family,  However, out of respect, they refused to let down their standards and referred to Mark as “Coach Crews” throughout the wedding day. 
Very classy.

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