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"Love was never like this"

Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology celebrated the graduation of its inaugural class recently.  Dr. Jeff Mathews is shown handing a diploma to Valedictorian Seong  Park.  GSMST has everything going for it—national recognition, bright and engaged students AND faculty AND administration.  However key speaker, Dr. Daniel Kaufman,  pointed out one big void that has been subliminally haunting me—no school mascot.  Therefore I once again suggest my personal favorite (which I unsuccessfully have offered to every new Gwinnett High School beginning with Grayson in 1999)—the GSMST Teddy Bears.  An alternate was mentioned by Dr. Kaufman—the Avatars.  This seems particularly apt though by definition a difficult mascot to find a costume for.
We have followed Brookwood High School’s Cameron Lynch throughout many triumphs including his football signing to play for Syracuse University.  However,  I was thrilled that he took a moment at his BHS graduation to remind us of that amazing Fall 2010 state football title.  Great outfit and the state championship ring is the perfect accessory.
Larry Gyamfi  graduated from Archer High School this spring and he had the best accessory of all—check out the smile.
At the same time, young adults are entering the next  phase of their life, Central Gwinnett High School had a celebration to send off some of their seasoned staff to retirement.  Shown here is one of the guests of honor, Jim Nix, standing with local legend Coach Tally Johnson.  Jim Nix is someone who always makes it work for our staff at Magic Moment and he looks happy to see us.  We are officially really sad he is leaving Central Gwinnett High School.
Who wore it best—not just a question for Celebrity Magazines.  Over at Brookwood Prom, co-prom sponsors, Kristen Fowler and Heather Parkerson, showed up at Prom unaware they  had both chosen to wear the identical pink bridesmaid dress.  Both women teach at Brookwood, have young children, are Prom sponsors and yes — look amazing in that pink dress.
Meredith Chastain, Magic Moment Photography’s VP of Regularly Scheduled Technological Breakdowns,  had husband Josh Chastainhelping to photograph the Gwinnett County Public School 2nd Annual Hall of Fame event.  As a USC football fan, Josh had the opportunity to pose with USC athlete George Rogers who won the 1980 Heisman Trophy.  Can any football fan blame Josh for taking George up on the offer to lay hands on the Heisman?   Unlike the plastic trophies, many of us are used to,  Josh says the Heisman is “off the food chain”
Speaking of Heismans, Carl Heisman (same family as the trophy FOR REAL) and Charlene Adams ,  the wedding geniuses at Summit Chase County Club in Snellville joined forces to march in Snellville Days Parade in the guise of the perfect newlyweds.  Having spent time with these two over the years, I can say “Love was never like this.”

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