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Local Royalty

With the British Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the air, the Gwinnett County Prom Coronations have taken on an extra meaning.  Alex Ward, was named Prom King of Grayson High School and joining him on the Court was his girlfriend of two years, Kim Fowler. Kim says about the British Will and Kate that if “Kate is as lucky as I am, I wish her the best.”   Both Alex and Kim are headed for college at  Georgia College and State University.  Kim attributes Alex’s selection as GHS King  to the fact that he’s “all around awesome, goofy and doesn’t worry about what other people think.”  Alex’s explanation , “I'm hot.”
Over at Dacula High School, while chaperoning the Prom, the teachers, Philip “Thor” Cate, Doug Harkness and James “Bond” William from the  Fine Arts Department  take a moment to display  the creativity and magnetism, which Dacula High School is known for.   The inspiration for this picture is Van Halen.   Cate said “in my mind I am David Lee Roth.”
Connor LeBlanc, 15 months old, and son of Erin and Larry, arrived at Boss Brothers Country Store with “adopted” grandparents James and Vicki McAuliffe,  Magic Moment Photography has had the honor of photographing the McAuliffe son and daughter through the years during their many successes at Grayson High School so we were not surprised that little Connor shines behind the camera.
Noah and Cooper Cook (ages 11 and 7), sons of Lynn and Dwight, are two other baseball loving brothers.  They are on teams at Grayson United Methodist  League and after posing for the traditional picture Cooper had a second less traditional pose in mind.  While they are often best friends, “Cooper refers to Noah as his “rival in life”.

Daniel “Danny” Lockhart, a senior at Hebron Private School,  plays short stop for his school and has signed already to play at Kennesaw State next year.  Interest in this outstanding young athletes is heightened as he happens to be the son of Keith Lockhart who played on the Atlanta  Braves from 97-2003.  Keith Lockhart spent seasons coaching Danny but now scouts for the Cubs.  Danny remembers meeting Ted Turner as a kid and having no idea that Ted was the man that owned the team. 
Renella Lee of Mill Creek High School is the oldest of 6 sisters. When she arrived for her traditional cap and gown portrait, she was accompanied by 3 of her 5 sisters who came to both “watch” and  “critique.”  Renella is headed to Phillips Community College in Arkansas to live near her Grandmother.  We think that any one who grows up with five sisters is positioned to succeed.
Back in the year 2000, I did a wedding for Bruce and Cyndee Griffin's beautiful daughter Jenna to Christopher Dye.  This was back when I still spent many Saturdays photographing weddings and I  had become instant BFF with Cyndee after previously photographing her other  (beautiful) daughter Vanessa's wedding to Kirk Alexander.  However, years passed and I lost track of them until a recent picture day at Bay Creek.  Jenna, a Brookwood High graduate and Chris are now settled in Dacula with sons Jackson and Griffin,  ages 7 and 10, and dedicated baseball athletes.  Chris is shown posing with son, Jackson,   a Bay Creek “Braves” pitcher.   Thinking back and thinking ahead, I hope Will and Kate can have the close knit family of the Griffin family.

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