Goat News

Yes in the small but intense world of Magic Moment Photography, Cody Jolly is a Superstar. It was not a surprise to us that bypassing the usual array of athletic stars, Cody was selected Prom King of Grayson High School.  I want to say success did not change Cody but apparently from this picture taken by me at his coronation; it may have changed him a little.
A devoted Dad and his son or daughter is a welcome and frequent sight at Grayson Methodist Youth sports league. However, Matt Newman stands out surrounded by his four fine sons, Seth 8, Jesse 6, Luke 4 and Aaron 1.    Parents Stephanie and Matt say that the boys “entertain us” and spend lots of time “hanging out together”. 
Another stellar Gwinnett family, Donnie Nutt, Wife Dorinda, son Casey, daughter Brittany and son-in-law Ryan Johnson were present for the 100th Anniversary of Dacula High School. Principal Donnie Nutt attended Dacula High School “back in the day”. Gwinnett County Superintendant Alvin Wilbanks was present for the big celebration. 
Twins Ashelyz and Edgardo Gonzalez prepared to make their First Communion at St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church in Snellville.  Best friends “when convenient” Ashleyz enjoys indoor soccer while Edgardo plays baseball for the GAA White Sox.
As graduation looms, our phone rings A LOT with requests for last minute Senior sittings.  Brookwood High School Senior Michael Hatsell was a cooperative subject and is shown here doing one of our favorite poses, “The Catchers Pose”.  The pose is both photogenic and painful or as we say, “If it doesn’t hurt you’re either doing it wrong or a catcher.” Michael is a soccer player that is going to Valdosta State next year.
The Gilley family is a longstanding part of the Boss Brother Country Store team.  Michelle Gilley, who I first knew as a teenager, is now married with two Disney- level cute children.  Our annual spring shoot, normally comprised of children and bunnies, was expanded to include a baby goat thanks to local self-named Goat Granny Lela Walker. Even though Young Trenton Gilley had an injured arm, he was more than ready to give some TLC to the resident baby goat.
At Archer High School’s first ever Prom, Principal Dr. Buck Buchanan was there with charming wife Joyce.  Photographer Meghan Schroder, always swayed by the romantic tale, was delighted to hear that Buck and Joyce’s first meeting at a March 8th dance resulted in a marriage that continues to thrive after 41 years.  Dr. Buchanan had the foresight to propose the day the couple met and they married four short months later.
While not wishing away the beautiful spring, all us Gwinnett Goat lovers (pets not food) are counting the day till the big June Goat Show.  Late breaking goat news will be in this column.

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