Celebrating Life

When Granddaughter Skylar Schroder turned one, it was only fair that her birthday portrait include family pets Tucker and Ellie who were born a day before she was.  Our most ardent column fan is Dennis Crilley  (Brookwood High School Class of 98) who commented, “Why are are the dogs so much bigger than Skylar? They are the same age? Wait one day apart....that one day is a huge difference.”
In their spare time sisters Vaughn and Hunter Edwards (3rd and lst graders at Lovin Elementary School) ride bikes, play baseball and have been rumored to fight over the television remote control.  However at the Annual Lovin Father-Daughter Dance, with hair styled by Mom Vema and in dresses purchased by grandmother Marsha Fincher, they and Dad, Tommy Edwards were visions of elegance.
Photogenic twins have been a staple of our culture since the heady days of  the Olsen twins in “Full House”.  The tradition continues with Mr. South Gwinnett High School contestants, twins  Darius and Daunte Bryant  who share athletic talent (wrestling and football) and facial features but not hair styles.
Celebrating life in Gwinnett County means rubbing elbows with the “best” on a regular basis.  In true form, Mountain View High School “Most Likely to Succeed “ Senior Superlatives Madhi Hillou and Brittany Blakely  arrived to their photo early.  They were true perfectionists in making sure their pose looked just right – even practicing their “successful” faces.   Brittany also has the distinction of being  the first Student Body President at Mountain View in its inaugural year. 
At Central Gwinnett, we decided to mix Superlatives and came up with a photo celebrating Most Spirited and Best Looking.  Steven Bott, most spirited male is the Captain of  Varsity soccer as well as honor student, Spanish National honor society, alpha theta,  and fan of all CGHS football and basketball where he “leads” the student section, and wants to go to Oglethorpe and play soccer.  His female counterpart is Emily Fenker, who serves as Vice President of Student Government, Officer of Fellowship of Christian athletes, CGHS Yearbook editor and chief is headed for college at University of Georgia.  Best looking is Jeff Alvarez, a Varsity football athlete who decribes  his looks “as the best of the best.” Similarly confident is  Irene Palmer, FBLA and colorguard, who characterizes her face as her “money maker.”
Between bouts of chilly rain and temperature drops, tennis weather has arrived . Grayson High School Varsity Tennis has three Senior males, all of who have been on the team throughout their 4 years of high school.   The boys really LOVED their pose and when McKay Selin was asked who his dream doubles partner would be, he said “Myself.”  The two other Seniors, Scott Eldridge and John Everest really felt the intensity of the pose in spite of the windy and cold court conditions.
One of our favorite and most active coaches, Coach Pam Autrey is now the head Tennis coach at Archer High School.  (She also coaches Volleyball and Swimming.)   She is coaching with her daughter Coach Stacy Autrey White, a teacher at Central Gwinnett High School .  The mother-daughter  team  paired up once before in 2004 to coach together at CGHS.    Her son , Chris Autrey, is the head coach of Dacula High School Tennis and  we have charted the good natured but intense Mother-Son Rivalry over the years.  Stakes were raised at our recent photo shoot when photographed Meghan Schroder encouraged  the mother/daughter team to do a taunting team picture for their  son/brother Chris Autrey.  The Game of Love need not interfere with Family Love.

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