Posing with Flair

In order to get this amazing photo of the Brookwood Varsity Baseball team during our latest “winter storm” and not get ridiculed by my New Jersey relatives over the Georgia version of a snowstorm I did have to “photoshop” in some snow. However the snowballs are totally genuine. Varsity Coach Rick Howard is not long off the Broncos 2008 State Championship(with a #3 National Ranking) and with only two Seniors on the team, a new legacy is waiting to happen.
Baseball picture Day at Central Gwinnett High School is a highlight for me. I can count on lots of parental involvement and this year was no exception. It was a new idea to have the Dads pose alongside their Senior sons. I suspect more than a few of the parents (Moms included) have had lots of games of “catch” to get their athletes to this level of skill. Coach David Lamberth is in his first year as head Varsity baseball Coach while former Coach Chris Hays begins a tradition at nearby Archer High School.
The Senior Soccer Varsity girls at Dacula High School showed a flair for posing so when we decided to use one of photographer Meredith Chastain’s images, we had LOTS to choose from. They are just hanging around until the regular season play begins.
Mountain View High School is rapidly building tradition although it is their inaugural year. Soccer JV Head Boys Coach and Assistant Varsity Boys Coach Tony Young posed with 9th grade daughter , Tierra Young . Although it is her first year playing soccer, she is already on the varsity team. She also plays varsity basketball.
While Spring sports begin, winter sports are winding down. Basketball Senior night is the last rite of the season. It normally involves dazed looking parents escorting their child/athlete across the gym. However, the parents of Moneshia Simmons added some theatrical glam to the event.
At the beginning of athletic careers, Gwinnett offers some very fine area Church leagues. At Grayson Methodist, Christopher Clararino,5 years old was joined by brother Joseph Clararino, 4 years old. The little brother likes to do whatever the big brother does so Mom dresses them alike so there is no jealousy. Joseph is too little to play league ball but still dressed like his brother and posed in his picture. The older brother was kind enough not to wear his uniform and pose like his little brother.
Over at Snellville Baptist youth basketball, Abby Chapman and her first cousin and fellow kindergarten student, Jace Stalvey enjoy spending time together— playing with their Wii, legos and going on family vacations to Disney World and Myrtle Beach. Abby loves princesses and Jace loves pirates. They have “spend the night” parties at their grandparent’s house (Rendel and Sue Stalvey).
Finally beauty and athleticism peaked recently when Ansley Spinks, “Miss Brookwood High School Junior Class” posed with her boyfriend Daniel Mohsen, a Senior Brookwood soccer athlete. The couple met through their mutual interest in soccer. We look forward to true spring in Gwinnett, unmarked by further snow blizzards.

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