Relax into 2011

Yes, we are based in Grayson, GA and moved here back when it was common to best  describe Grayson to the "404 in the perimeter crowd" as near Snellville. Last month,  when Mark Crews coached the 2010 Broncos to the Region 5 State Football Championship, it was a thrill.  Magic Moment has been photographing Brookwood football since 2002.  An ingredient to the much lauded Brookwood culture is loyalty. (Mike Mercier has been the Touchdown Club President for the last 115 years. )   Photographed by Les Beard right after the victory, is Coach Crews, flanked by standout linebacker (and track and field star AND Homecoming King) Cameron Lynch, who will be playing ball at Syracuse University in New York after BHS graduation.
Grayson Varsity  Football Coach Mickey Conn is shown in his traditional Senior Night photo.  Standing off to the side in a green hoodie, Coach Conn wrapped up yet another impressive season.

While photographing Youth Wrestling at Brookwood High School, David Schroder captured raw talent and enthusiasm in Dillon and Hayden Brant, six year old twins.  The boys are involved in basketball, swimming and soccer but wrestled so much at home Mom decided to put them in an organized setting.  Ms. Brant says, They laugh all through their matches.  They can't believe they are allowed to wrestle without getting in trouble."
Over at South Gwinnett High School, the usual group of prominent  SGHS Senior men in tuxedoes served as escorts for the Miss South  pageant testants. Briefly, changing out of their formal ware, the escorts dazzled the packed audience with their interpretation of Willow Smith's "I whip my hair back and forth". 
The job everyone treasures each December continues to be Boss Brothers Santa. I have photographed this venue for many years and the newborns are now school children posing with their young siblings.  Its a thrill to see many of the same families year after year.  While Bentley and Bailey (the Boxer and the Great Pyranee) have come for several years. Ethan Cook, "nearly 4"  made his debut this year. Ethan was waking up on and off all night till Bentley the Boxer began sleeping in his room with him.  Now Ethan is a champion sleeper.
Louisa and Rogelio Calderon and their three children Michael, Alan and Laura are one of our favorite local families.  Since we first met them 16 years ago, we have had many reasons to celebrate.  Rogelio went from employee to owning a successful  landscaping business.  Louisa, from Panana, has become a US citizen.  Son Michael, served for many years in the military and are glad they had us celebrate their family with a photo session at Vines Botanical Gardens in Loganville.
Photographer Meredith Chastain was run into the ground  this year in her ever expanding role as Magic Moment Tech Genius.  This title comes with no added pay and constant abuse.  Husband Josh Chastain, is officially out of the Army after 11 years of service including two tours of Iraq, flying helicopters. Their choice of family portrait was meant to convey their hope for a relaxing 2011.

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